With representatives in Seattle, Los Angeles, Washington, D.C., and Charlottesville, VA,  Sector Intelligence is a privately-held, full-service research and consulting firm serving both business to business and business to consumer focused organizations.

By enabling clients to continually mind their customers, brand, and marketplace, we help them secure and keep customers, as well as spot emerging revenue opportunities ahead of the competition.

We serve corporations, advertising, marketing and public relations agencies, and other consultant organizations, as well as the industry research needs of professional associations, societies, non-profits, and political organizations.

What distinguishes us

Founded by ethnographers, one of the firm’s distinguishing characteristics is that it believes target markets are best viewed as subcultures or “tribes” whose members often share distinct assumptions, beliefs, values and norms that guide their behavior.

A leading boutique consultancy for more than a decade, Sector Intelligence continues its signature research approach helping marketers embed their products and brands into the minds of their customer with lasting impact.

Known as Tribal Research™, our work begins with two central questions: First, what motivates groups of customers to perpetuate and promote particular brands over others? Second, what makes for a compelling brand story that resonates within a given tribe? Once these questions are answered, a fuller understanding develops of how to integrate a brand or product into the daily life of the tribe.

Anchored in our Tribal Research approach, we feel very much at home in the new marketing environment that has coalesced over the past few years.

Tribes have traditionally relied on word of mouth as the primary method for ensuring the survival of stories important to them. Nowhere is that more true than in today’s environment of the 24/7 news cycle and the emergence of social media and online communities. The success of a brand or product can live or die overnight based on customer perception. The most successful businesses realize the potential opportunity afforded by these channels and therefore provide customers with an outlet for self expression, innovation, growth, feeling heard, helping others, and creating a sense of belonging and connection.

Companies that tell compelling stories embodying these values and norms find natural brand promoters in the form of self perpetuating tribes.  Our job is to help clients become insiders with the culture of their target markets so they can connect with customers in the deepest and most sustainable way possible.

For more information on our capabilities, tribal and conventional, visit sectorintelligence.com.  Here are some specific links that might be helpful:

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