Your customers are your business. Your customers’ future is the future of your business. Yet most of what you know about your customers is from looking in the rear view mirror — what they have said and done in the past, even if the “past” was today.

At Sector Intelligence, we create a map that shows our clients how their customers see their future, as well as the factors that affect what customers are likely to need at given points in time, starting tomorrow.

This map, continuously updated, becomes a guidebook for the daily decisions key staff in your business must make:

  • marketing
  • sales
  • customer service
  • R&D
  • C-level management
  • board of directors/investors

We believe that a map which depicts the customer’s evolving world view, with a focus on how various brands and products fit into that view, will be one of the most important competitive tools any organization can have moving further into the 21st century.

Creating and perfecting this tool is a signature service of Sector Intelligence.

see also: mind your brand, mind your market.