Social media, whether in the consumer space or the enterprise, provides one of the richest opportunities to study the mindset and sub-cultural influences that are shaping your organization and marketplace. Applying historical and ethnographic research techniques to the body of interaction and conversations taking place in today’s online communities can yield amazing insight into how your brand or products are playing out in a given target market, or the business intelligence that is active within and among your own employees and partners. While traditional participant-observation research such as ethnography can be extremely time and labor intensive, the careful study of online community interaction, while not a substitute for ethnography, can help develop some of the same insight as field work.

We were early proponents of Market Research Online Communities (MROC’s) and the value of online community-based research. Sector has developed techniques for analyzing community interaction, drawn from long experience with conducting participant-observation research in live settings, and conducting content and artifact analysis for both market and organizational assignments.

Whether you operate a private online community, have a significant presence on open communities such as LinkedIn and Facebook, or operate enterprise level collaboration platforms, Sector can study and interpret, on an ongoing basis, the meaning of social interaction that impacts your competitiveness.

For those who operate industry specific online communities of consumers, Sector can help you to monetize the knowledge gained from a close study of your online community by packaging this knowledge for corporations, non-profits, media, and government concerns who seek ongoing insight into particular industries or fields. We help you become a primary source of market intelligence for your field and build a solid revenue stream based on this positioning and the constant flow of insight you can produce.