In any given marketplace, customers evaluate your brand for the use it has. What does the brand do for them? Consciously, or unconsciously, customers ask themselves this question when they encounter your brand among a field of other brands.

Does it make them feel better? Does it help them toward their goals? Does it make them feel more secure, or that they belong?

Minding your brand is about understanding the use your brand has for customers as they move through their daily lives. Our map of the customer’s world captures the use your brand and competing brands have in a given target market.

See brand ethnographics™ and brand-life continuum report™ for an in-depth explanation of how we think about brands. See our section on branding for more on how we monitor and evaluate the sustainability of brands in a marketplace, including how we listen for your brand in the marketplace and, most importantly, help you to embed your brand into the daily lives of your customers.