Over the past two decades, Sector Intelligence principals have worked with dozens of clients ranging from manufacturers, to business service firms, to professional associations, to government agencies. We have also had the chance to innovate new approaches to market intelligence by blending formal training in qualitative/contextual research traditions such as ethnography with quantitative analysis and the latest Web-based technologies.

Sector Intelligence was involved in developing one of the earliest full-featured Web-based survey platforms and has developed what we believe is the first Web based, brand sustainability measurement tools, which uses an ethnographic-based indexing methodology (measures the symbolic meaning/utility associated with a brand against the sub-cultural beliefs, values, motives, and norms of a client’s target market).

In this section of our site, you’ll find the information that some will find intriguing, and others may find sleep inducing. We have sequestered it here so as not to bog you down elsewhere when reading about us.

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