We’ve said elsewhere on this site that an organization does not have complete control over its brand — that a brand is ultimately defined by how it is interpreted and used by the marketplace which has its own take on where the brand “fits” in its overall life.

So what can a company or any organization do to impact how its brand is interpreted and used? How can it tell the story it wants to tell?

There are many consultants who work with companies to create brands and align all aspects of company activity with the brand to support the meaning the company wishes to convey.

At Sector, we help this process by identifying the content of messages that will have the highest degree of creating the effect the company wishes with respect to its brand. We do this by ensuring that messages communicated to the marketplace (including the very features of products and services) are in sync with what the marketplace wants from the brand. That is — in sync with the utility the brand can and does have for the people who incorporate it into their lives everyday.

While this may sound abstract and complicated, it couldn’t be more basic and pragmatic. If you want to connect with your customer, you have to understand what they want to hear, and then say those things that have useful meaning for them. Not your company — them.

If you are focusing on communicating that your brand is all about boldness and cutting-edge thinking and your marketplace has a particular purpose and need for a brand that is familiar and simple, you will be talking past your customer. You can know the path to connection with your customer when you first understand what is meaningful to them in their world — something they can use to reinforce what they want to believe about the world and move toward their goals.

We help you create messages for your target markets that have powerful, specific meaning for them. We help you connect with your customers at the deepest level possible.