Used to be that human beings understood one another.  There was an oral tradition.  Stories were told and the essence of a person, a group of people —  whole nations —  was revealed and understood by others in rich detail and nuance simply by listening and watching.  These stories were passed from generation to generation, each leaving its mark on the telling.  In this way, the past, and its lessons, were revealed.

Come the 19th century and sprang the idea that people could be better, at least more conveniently, understood through numbers.  Counts, percentages, averages – relationships and associations between numbers representing people.  While these numbers helped suggest patterns in human mindset and behavior that could not be seen up close, the reliance on them to understand why people do what they do, why they think what they think, disconnected us from the innate instrument we all have to know and understand each other and trained us to believe an array of digits was somehow a worthwhile means of understanding our reality.

We guide our clients to tap the most powerful means of understanding the needs and goals of those we serve — the stories that each of us has to tell.  We  listen to, capture, and connect the stories that people tell about themselves, others, and the events in their lives.  In a commercial application, we use this connection to learn how your customers — members of your tribe — live and interact with what you have to offer.

The successful products of tomorrow will be marketed via word of mouth, by promoters, members of consumer tribes who have a vested interest in having others see the world as they do, and are working to help shape daily life together in the vision the tribe shares.  We help you listen to what the tribe is saying, in a way that reveals its most important shared language and goals.   We then help you become a regular part of their conversation through innovative social media and word of mouth marketing. Our signature deliverable is a documentary of the tribe you and your brand are a part of.

We believe what really counts is your finding a way to connect with your audience — their beliefs, hopes, dreams, and influences.  Contact us about 3 story building™, a powerful old way to understand how to build and grow your customers and revenues, simply by listening, and watching, to understand what your audience most needs and wants based on the view they have of themselves and their futures.